18 October 2017

American Activists Paid by Russian 'Troll Farm' Accused of Election Meddling

The Kremlin-linked 'troll farm' that sought to inflame tensions in U.S. politics did so not just with social media posts, but by paying organizers in the U.S., according to a report....

16 October 2017

Columnist Says Trump Boasted He 'Bangs Russians' in 2001 Howard Stern Interview

'I was just in Russia. The girls have no morals. 
You gotta get out there!'

Does a New York tabloid columnist know something about Donald Trump's activities in Russia that the president-elect would prefer the world did not....?

11 October 2017

Russian Hackers/Trolls Targeting Bloggers
(via Adsense) with Faux 'Complaints'?

ARTWORK: The Interpreter

Now as some of you may be aware, this blog -Reaganite Independent- has been around since 2008. Originally launched as Reaganite Republican, the site was rebranded after the catastrophic election of Donald Trump,
who obviously 
I can't stomach... 

07 October 2017

Conservatives Could Be Crushing Liberals for Weinstein Hypocrisy If They Hadn’t Sold Out to Trump

After recovering from the “shock” that Harvey Weinstein -a powerful, grossly unattractive, male entertainment executive in charge of turning attractive females into stars is a apparently a serial sexual harasser- attention has quickly turned to the rank hypocrisy of liberals here. 

After all, there is indeed plenty of evidence to work with that the lack of negative reaction to Weinstein has exposed liberals, much as Bill Clinton once did, as clear charlatans on the issue of sexual harassment of women
in the workplace. ....